We never share any of your data with anyone. We do not rent or sell ANY CUSTOMER DATA. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your name and address
  • Your email addresses
  • Your telephone number

Just to emphasise: we keep all customers’ personal data private at all times.

Our web site uses ‘ssl’ (secure socket layer) technology to protect absolutely your private information.

How We Use Email

EmailEmails we send are as follows:

On receipt of your order, our shopping cart sends you an acknowledgement email.
When we have shipped your order, SHS sends you an email to let you know that.
We send existing customers and enquirers an email once a week telling them about interesting health stories we have found, as well as information about products we are promoting and any special offers. Every email includes ‘unsubscribe’ instructions.
Occasionally we send out emails to customers to inform them of an important piece of news – for example, Christmas opening hours.


We rarely send mailings by post.

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